Levi Mansur, general manager of Mansur Agricultural Services. MAS is a chilean company organized to assist Northern Hemisphere breeders release new varieties of soybean, corn, and dry beans.

Plant breeding services

Custom research

Seed production

Winter nursery services


Winter nursery and plant breeding services.


Why go with MAS?

Hands-on management by experienced Ph.D. breeder with proven research record.

Timely, efficient, secure, confidential and personalized services.

Easy communications in fluent English via cell phone or e-mail.

Direct access to the manager anytime

More growing degree days than any location in Chile.

More opportunities for isolations. 

Superior climatic and phytosanitary conditions for maximum seed yield and quality.

Periodic crop updates with pictures via Internet.

Expedient import and export of genetic materials.

Competitive prices


Canadians and American visitors are not required a visa, just your passport to enter Chile. The country offers excellent opportunities for mountain and water sports. The tallest mountains in all of America as well as beach resorts are within 60 miles of the nursery. MAS will be happy to assist you with travel arrangements.


Winter nursery - Off-season plant breeding services
We offer plant breeding and commercial seed production for conventional, specialty, and transgenic corn
Seed production: corn, soybeans, drybeans and other crops.
Our winter nursery in Los Andes, Chile.
Winter nursery services