Levi Mansur, general manager of Mansur Agricultural Services. MAS is a chilean company organized to assist Northern Hemisphere breeders release new varieties of soybean, corn, and dry beans.

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Plant breeding, Research and Seed production: Drybeans.

We have experience in all facets of plant breeding, research and commercial seed production for conventional and specialty drybeans. Our satisfied customers include plant breeders and researchers from prominent American and Canadian seed companies and universities.

Crossing nurseries: Specialized teams composed of hard-working, reliable college students conduct successful crosses each year.

F1 plants: Up to 300 seeds per plant possible with space planting.

Generation advancement: Single seed descent, single pod descent, bulk harvest.

• Progeny rows: For seed increase and purification.

• Yield test: With a high correlation between our location and the Northern Hemisphere, our yield testing trials data permit you to select in our environment for performance in USA and Canada.

Pilot seed productions: The safety and predictability of our irrigated, high-yielding growing conditions is what you need when seed is scarce and extremely valuable.

Large seed increases: Our commitment to honesty and confidentiality, our strategic partners and optimum location guarantee the success for your increases.

Marker Assisted Selection: If you are using marker assisted selection, we can provide you with 100% positive identification of each individual planted. You lab does the selection while we grow your plants, then you e-mail us the list of the selected material for harvest.

DNA Extraction: If you need DNA/RNA samples for selection or research, we can harvest and send you fresh or dried properly labelled leaves for extraction. Alternatively, extraction can be done in Chile. Later those plants you are interested in can be harvested for seed.